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I celebrate the beauty of being yourself. My philosophy revolves around enhancing your natural radiance, revealing your inner glow, and embracing the beauty that lies within. I believe in weightless, flawless skin that lets your true self shine through, never covering up who you are. Join me in the journey to enhance your authentic beauty and discover the confidence that comes from being your beautiful, genuine self. As a makeup artist, I specialize in natural makeup, achieving glowing skin, enhancing natural features, and boosting confidence through beauty transformations.

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Growing up in a small city, I never thought that one day I would become a makeup artist. I also never thought that I would work with global brands and teach other people to become makeup artists.

I was born in the picturesque small town of Rietavas, Lithuania. I grew up with my mother and brother, being the youngest in the family. My brother had a talent for drawing and I often envied his artistic ability, as I couldn’t draw as beautifully as he could. I was inclined towards dancing and other stage performances.

My first red lipstick was made from beetroot, which worked just as perfectly on my cheeks as it did on my lips. It brought out a nice, healthy glow, or so I thought...

Unlock the artistry in makeup — Build confidence and discover your unique makeup look with one-on-one lessons.

Ready to find the makeup that suits you best? Book a personalized makeup lesson today and let’s uncover your perfect look together!

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